The Society of Property Researchers (SPR) is extremely grateful to all the companies that support the Society by sponsoring events.  These range from the special 30th Anniversary Conference, to the regular annual events such as the Dinner and Golf Day, and also specific seminar events.  With extra financial support, SPR is able to use better venues, and provide more networking opportunities for its members.

SPR offers a great platform to access the membership, and for its sponsors to be seen and heard.  Sponsoring SPR events provides:

  • the opportunity to be associated with relevant, well organised high-level research briefings and social networking events
  • extensive brand exposure through the SPR website and its email send-outs with additionally high-impact branding before, during and after events
  • one of the most cost-effective ways to put your brand in front of the people that really matter:  a large membership of talented researchers.  

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring SPR, please contact Cleo Folkes for further details.