The Society of Property Researchers (SPR) has a membership of over 500 individuals working in a variety of organisations; from surveying firms to independent research companies, from academics to institutions. The majority are based in the UK, but a growing number are working overseas. SPR offers its members the opportunity to network, keep abreast of current trends and update skills.

The membership is individual* rather than corporate; members moving jobs during the year take their membership with them, rather than it staying within their initial organisation.

Current membership rates are:  £60 for UK and Europe; £20 overseas outside Europe; £5 for students and unwaged.

Applicants must be involved with property research and are requested to give two current SPR members as sponsors or submit a CV of their property research experience.  Students in a relevant subject can join and only need to provide their lecturer/professor as a referee.  The committee’s decision regarding applications is final.

* members paying their own subscription should be aware that the cost is tax deductible.  For further details, click on 
(SPR is listed under Property Researchers Society of)


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Membership Secretary:
Rita Gosrani
Tel: +44 (0)7970 105999